Imagine New York

Life at the water’s edge is rapidly changing. The impacts of new technology, patterns of urban development, and globalization are redefining global logistics, and while some waterfront cities will thrive as ports and grow under these new conditions, others will need to evolve in order to survive and succeed. Imagining New York in 2060, how will New York re-invent its waterfront to retain and secure its position in the global economy while continuing to symbolize the American Dream for the next generation?

Imagine 2060: Imagine New York brought together city-makers and city-shapers to look towards and beyond the challenges ahead of aging infrastructure, changes to global shipping patterns, and an evolving economy.

This chapter of the Imagine 2060 series engaged participants in considering relevant lessons for New York. We looked at best-in-class case studies in Asia contributing to the region’s rise in the global ports industry, and then we pivoted to focus on bold ideas aligned with New York City’s future vision for an equitable, sustainable, and dynamic transformation of its waterfront and how to deliver these.

Speakers and Panelists

Dr. Judith Rodin
President Emerita, Rockerfeller Foundation and University of Pennsylvania
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Andrew Kimball
CEO of
Industry City
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Roland Lewis
President and CEO of
Waterfront Alliance
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Joanne Witty
Vice-Chair of
Brooklyn Bridge Park
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Sean Chiao
Asia Pacific, AECOM
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Tom Nagorski
Executive Vice President,
Asia Society
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Calvin Tsao
Tsao & McKown Architects
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Kenneth Dewoksin
Senior Advisor and Emience Fellow,
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William Cole
President & CEO,
Baltimore Development Corporation
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Tan Boon Hui
Boon Hui Tan
Vice President for Global Arts & Culture, Asia Society
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Josette photo
Josette Sheeran
President and CEO,
Asia Society
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