Imagine Singapore

In Search of New Ground

Singapore is a vibrant city that offers many exciting possibilities, but like other cities, it is confronting new and emerging challenges. Key among these are its limited land area and the need to plan for a future estimated population growth of 6.9 million by 2030. For a small city state like Singapore, land is a treasured resource that needs to be carefully planned and designed for and the quest for new ground means challenging the status quo of how land areas are currently being extended, developed and utilized.

With Singapore’s aspiration to become a more sustainable and resilient city, its looks to innovative strategies to help the city state free up more surface land, and at the same time, look beneath itself in its endeavor for more space.

How can Singapore turn its challenges into opportunities to provide for future infrastructure and civic needs while ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach which allows Singapore to retain its identity and heritage? What lessons can be learnt in the way the island nation approaches urban planning and city rejuvenation? Imagine Singapore convenes public policy makers and leaders in urban planning, infrastructure and business in an exchange of ideas to envision a new paradigm where Singapore can stride boldly into her future.

Speakers and Panelists

Goh Chok Tong
Emeritus Senior Minister,
Republic of Singapore
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Lawrence Wong_web
Lawrence Wong
Minister for National Development
and Second Minister for Finance,
Republic of Singapore
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Professor Chan Heng Chee_web
Professor Chan Heng Chee
Global Co-Chair
Asia Society
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Sean Chiao
Asia Pacific, AECOM
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Peter Ho_web
Peter Ho
Senior Advisor,
Centre for Strategic Futures
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Daniel Cerf_web
Daniel Cerf
Chief Executive Officer,
Cache Logistics Trust
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Cheng Hsing Yao_web
Cheng Hsing Yao
Group Managing Director,
GuocoLand Singapore
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Dr John Endicott_web
Dr John Endicott
Executive Director &
AECOM Fellow
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Professor Zhao Zhiye_web
Professor Zhao Zhiye
Director, Nanyang Centre for
Underground Space,
Nanyang Technological
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Scott Dunn_web
Scott Dunn
Vice President,
Southeast Asia, AECOM
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Richard Hassell_web
Richard Hassell
Founding Director,
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Cindy Lim_web
Cindy Lim
Director, Group Corporate Development &
Managing Director, Keppel Urban Solutions
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Lim Eng Hwee_web
Lim Eng Hwee
Chief Executive Officer,
Urban Redevelopment Authority
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Dr Derrick Pang_web
Dr Derrick Pang
Chief Executive Officer,
Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings
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