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Imagine Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city historically challenged by water issues, is undergoing a modern infusion of infrastructure investment to secure its position as the Gateway to the Pacific.

Our event explored how the second largest city in the United States is re-shaping its relationships with the Los Angeles River, its ports, and underground aquifer to create a meaningful connection to its water, while enhancing water quality and achieving water security. As we Imagine Los Angeles in 2060, how will an enhanced, equitable and environmentally sensitive relationship with Water propel the city into its position as the American Capital of the Pacific Age?

At Imagine 2060: Imagine LA, local and international experts addressed how Los Angeles is re-shaping its relationships with the LA River, its ports and other resources to ensure the city’s vitality and resiliency in the decades ahead, and Imagine Los Angeles will explore how the City can ensure its role in the global economy while improving the quality of life of its citizens and protecting and enhancing its environment.

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