Three-year global partnership convening

city-focused global conversations

Imagine 2060 is an original three-year global series co-organized by Asia Society and AECOM, which aims to inspire a new way of delivering the cities of tomorrow. With an estimated 70% of the world’s population living in cities by 2060, how can cities foster stronger connections with their citizens and with each other to deliver a better world? Each year is being dedicated to a key element: water, air and land. Launched in 2017, the first year focused on water, with a wide-ranging examination of how the diverse paths taken by five global waterfront cities – Manila, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong – are shaping the quality of life for citizens in radically different ways and providing lessons for other cities.Towards a Clear Sky is the theme of our 2018 program which will visit 3 cities in the Asia Pacific region, with radically different relationships and approaches to Air, starting with Imagine Delhi on April 24, 2018. Join our global conversation and connect with others who share a passion for delivering tomorrow’s cities together, one of the most critical challenges to get right for people and our planet in this 21st century.

These are some of the most diverse and vibrant cities on our planet but they share common stresses caused by development, urbanization and densification which are only going to intensify with the predicted level of population growth.

Sean Chiao
President, AECOM Asia Pacific

Imagine 2060 will offer a guide not only for the five cities involved, but for any major metropolis interested in creating a roadmap for the future. And to a great extent, the future of our planet hinges on a successful, sustainable future for the great cities of the world.

Tom Nagorski
Executive Vice President, Asia Society